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      Create a custom design using a iELEV8MY design or upload your own image and have it printed on high-quality iELEV8MY products. 


      Step 1

      Click the customization link in the menu and select a customizable product type. 

      Step 2 

      Select the product color and size and then click the "customize" button to get started making your product. 


      Step 3

      Click the "iELEV8MY Designs" icon to load the customizable iELEV8my designs.

      Step 4

      Use the side scrollbar to reveal the complete list of designs. Use the magnification tools on the left of the screen to zoom in or out for a better view.

      Step 5

      Click the "Text" icon to add custom text to your product. Use the tools on the screen to adjust the color, font and size. 


      Step 6

      Add your custom design to your cart and checkout as normal.